As a business owner you will come to a crossroad when exploring how to get a website up for your business. There will be two main ways; hiring a website design company or using a website builder. While we offer website design services, we want business owners to be aware of website builders which may give tech savvy owners an opportunity to save some money. 

Website Builders

Companies like Wix and Squarespace have simplified website design and offer business owners a simple template to get a website up and running. They usually offer templates, which then are edited to include the color scheme, logo, and content for your business. 

The trouble with website builders starts when you need to make more advanced features such as form submissions with auto responders, making sure the page is SEO optimized, or creating relevant content for digital advertising. On top of this you will be responsible to make sure your websites CSS and javascript code is not slowing down your website, backing up your website, as well as providing web hosting. 

For more tech savvy business owners a website builder may be a good idea, but for business owners looking to concentrate on running their business and not managing their website, hiring a company to manage your website makes more sense. 

Website Designers

Choosing to work with a web design company has many advantages to using a website builder. A web design company will know how to design a high converting, mobile friendly, and SEO optimized website. You will not be limited to the few templates website builders limit you too, and you can really customize the look and feel of your website. When working with Gulfside Digital, you will also have a professional to help you with web hosting, making updates, and other website management tasks.

The biggest disadvantage to hiring a website design company would be the cost. There is no doubt that using a web designer will be more expensive, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” rings true in this case. By cutting corners on your website you are hurting your business in the long run, and will probably end up spending the money on making edits you would not be able to make without a web developer.  After your website is live we can help design a marketing campaign to get your phone ringing with new people looking to buy or sell a house.

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